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VAX3DOM is a a vaccination pro-freedom-of-choice platform that supports data privacy and freedom of speech. Our policy is to not on-sell your data to anyone.

How Do I Export A Copy Of My Data?

You can request an export of your personal data, containing the following items if applicable:

  • Personal information
  • User Profile Information
  • User Business Listings
  • User Job Listings
  • User Listing Claims
  • User Comments
  • User Media
  • Activity Data
  • Friends
  • Friend Requests (Sent)
  • Friend Requests (Received)
  • Group Memberships
  • Private Messages
  • Notifications Data
  • Purchase Data
  • Purchase Orders
  • Personal settings

1. In the Main Navigation click on the My Profile > Edit Profile navigation link.

2. Click on the Export Data link in the side menu.

3. In the Export Data window click on Request Personal Data Export.

4. The data export operation will commence.

5. You will receive a link to download your export via email once the request has been fulfilled.

How Do I Delete My Account?

To delete an account, please read the Delete An Account support article.

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