About Us

Businesses all across the globe have been impacted by covid-19 vaccine mandates, government regulations and lockdowns.

This platform, a vaccination pro-choice social network, jobs directory and business directory was created when we witnessed around the world, in Australia, France, The United States, Europe, Great Britain, many people concerned about losing their jobs and livelihoods, while companies enforcing no jab no job covid-19 vaccine mandates fired them in droves, and governments – under the guise of health directives – trampled on the human rights of those exercising their choice to remain unvaccinated.

I hope that we can stand in solidarity. Spread the word. Have no fear. Stand with the pro-freedom community and unite against discrimination.

This platform advocates the legal rights of people to exercise their freedom of choice. In an ideal world, businesses would not need to have their patronage determined for them by coercive government powers imposing discriminatory no jab no job covid-19 vaccine mandates.

In a world in which covid-19 exists, pro-choice means the choice is yours, as a business, to determine who is welcome, be they unvaccinated, medically exempt, naturally immune to covid-19, or double-vaccinated vaccine passport holders.

Helping The Freedom Diaspora

This platform exists to help pro-choice businesses continue to serve customers who are unvaccinated, medically exempt, naturally immune, partially vaccinated and fully vaccinated for covid-19.

You may not think it is important to list a business for unvaccinated patrons, or to help a nurse or teacher find a path to a new job, but your actions will lift people who are down and trodden on, who will stand up and in turn help others too.

Businesses should be loyal to their customers, as governments act unconsciably towards its people.

This is your time, now, to build your community. We are doing our bit, without fear of persecution. No one else is coming to do it for you. Join in solidarity.

Vaccination Freedom Of Choice

In a free and fair society that values human rights, a person, upon consultation with their doctor, without fear of persecution, should have the freedom to choose whether or not to accept a medical intervention.

Businesses that welcome all people, regardless of their vaccine passport or vaccination status, are also free to list their business in this business directory.

Equally, businesses that welcome vaccine passport holders and in so, abide by no jab no job government regulations on vaccine mandates, are also free to list their business in this business directory.

All business listings and service preferences are welcome. Your freedom of choice will never be censored. Social media companies are unable to deplatform your business here.

We hope that you will list your business with us, and share the news around.

Building Our Community

Stand in solidarity with us to help build a pro-freedom community. Be one of the agents of change to keep the pro-freedom community growing, offering, and providing for us all.

For any enquiries related to business listings, job listings, the social network, or the platform in general, log in to send a private message to the Vax3Dom admin account.


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