Shine Your Light For The Vaccination Pro-Choice Community

The team here at Vaccination Freedom (VAX3DOM) would like to share that we continue to build a community for pro-choice individuals as well as their vaccinated friends, family, businesses, and any supporters sympathetic to those who have decided not to be vaccinated.

shine your light for the community
Shine Your Light For The Community

Together we can raise awareness and strengthen our vaccination pro-choice community.

Specifically, on our business, jobs and social network platform, there are spaces for businesses, consumers, activists, and pro-choice supporters.

* Businesses can list their pro-choice or sympathetic business to shine their light for people who are being segregated in societies all around the world.

* Employers can post jobs to support those who have lost their livelihoods as a direct consequence of refusing to take a covid-19 vaccine.

* Consumers can support business by leaving reviews on their business page, frequenting pro-choice businesses listed on our platform, and communicating confidentially directly through their business profile.

* Activists can network on our platform, organise, and continue to raise awareness within the community.

vaccination pro-choice matters
Choice Matters. List Your Pro-Choice Business

If we all each shine our one light for the community, we can build an insurmountable unvaccinated economy that cannot be divided.

To do this, we all need to come together, for the good of one another, and help however best we can.

List a pro-choice business.

Search for a new job.

Contribute to the unvaxxed economy.

Shine your light for the community. 


Author: Toni

List your pro-choice business. Help customers align with your values.

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